Live and Work in London.

Studied BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design

“Some of the best art work is made from junk. Or is it the other way round? Anyhow I forget… Joe Sweeney takes his chalice and dips it in the spastic colon of Britain’s large intestine, the gutter. He holds it above his head and allows the neon lights of every takeaway Sign refract and abstract through his malignant melting pot of half submerged spanenglish. For Joe, beauty at this point lies somewhere in between the kebab fat, mushy peas and Monosodium glutamate. Jo thinks to himself. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the kebab sign”. – Henry Hudson




’10’, February 2011, New Gallery, Camberwell

‘And Forget’- March 2011, St. Pancras Church, Crypt Gallery

‘COMM.’-January 2012, Bussey Building, Peckham (Curator)

‘Resembling Ham in Taste’, March 2012, Mori + Stein Gallery, Camberwell

‘ThunderFlux’, May 2014, HaHa Gallery, Southampton

‘Over and Out’, May 2014, Imperial Works, Forest Hill

‘PseudoCrem’, July 2014, Unit 2, Stoke Newington

‘Take Away’ solo show, March 2016, Cob Gallery, Camden